Nocturne OST


Nocturne movie

Four lost souls, each running away from guilt or loss, are thrown together in an underground car park. As trust and love flourish, they each discover the strength to be whole, to be free.

Directed by Konstantinos Frangopoulos
Screenplay By Malachi Smyth

Owen Teale, Sacha Alexander, Lena Papaligoura, Dimitris Lalos, Giorgos Simeonidis Lily Mavromati

Music by Tasos Rosopoulos 
Cinematography by Giorgos Karvelas 
Film Editing by Giorgos Zafeiris

Produced By Margery Bone / Vicky Miha
Bonafide Films / Boo Productions 2016

Music Department
Niki Bravaki – vocals
Kostis Theos – cello
Giorgos Tsiatsoulis – accordion
Giannis Aggelopoulos – drums
Korina Vougiouka – guitar
Tasos Rosopoulos – electric piano, programming
Tasos Bakasietas – recording, mixing




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